Quantum cybersecure links

Brute force attacks from powerful supercomputers at GPU farms, have not been feasible until recently.

McLenz developed a unique hard and soft quantum cybersecure technology to overcome the upcoming cybersevurity threats.

Quantum Communications

McLenz works with international partners to provide the latest QKD technology to bring hypersecure communication services to institutional and government organizations.

McLenz provides post quantum encryption that allow QKD to work efficiently over satellite links.

McLenz provides QKD solutions capable of reliably transmitting quantum keys over larger distances than fiber optic-based systems.

Carefully orchestrated attacks become the worst nightmare to sensitive industrial, medical, transportation and government facilities.

McLenz continuous development ensures sustaining our customers needs of critical cybersecure communications

What we do?

Engineer, supply and install QKD communication services

Develop, supply and install post-quantum cybersecure communication over existing networks

Supply post-quantum cybersecurity encryption units to secure industrial 4.0 and 5.0 links.

Design and build quantum communication architectures to armour vulnerable data links

What solutions we provide?

Post Quantum encryption

Highly Confidential data communication
data storage, handling and access


Quantum-QKD communication links and equipment


User access over quantum-based


hyper-cybersecure quantum
communication protocols
for existing networks

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